About Us

The Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) was the daughter of the industrial revolution, which, from the middle of the nineteenth century started the movement of women and girls out of the home and rural areas and into factories throughout the Western world.


The World YWCA Council is the quadrennial legislative meeting of the World YWCA, which brings together over 600 representatives from over 108 member associations affiliated to the global YWCA movement.


There are currently 16 staff members representing different nationalities based at the World YWCA headquarters and supporting YWCA work around the world. All staff can be reached at worldoffice@worldywca.org .

Organization Structure

The World YWCA Constitution was revised during the World YWCA Council in Zurich, Switzerland, 2011 after a valuable process of consultations and dialogue between national associations, local associations, the World YWCA Task force, executive committee and staff.

Statement of Policy

Strategic Framework 2012 – 2015

For over 150 years, the World YWCA movement has advanced the status of women and girls worldwide, promoting young women’s active leadership on issues affecting their lives, and bringing the voices of women from grassroots communities into global debates.